Thank goodness the sun is shining

We moved into our new studio earlier this month – yay us! – but unfortunately the air-conditioner isn’t working yet. At last word the external compressor unit needed a new part and as is the way of these things that new part may or may not be available any more. Ah, obsolescence…where would commerce be without you?

So at present our whizz-bang and recently refurbished studio is essentially a solar heated space. Oh, and of course sunny skies also equal pleasant real estate photos so it’s really a win-win. Hmmm, on second thoughts with the cost of electricity these days perhaps a few weeks without heat could be a good thing. Mind you Rose and Anjie may well kill me if the AC isn’t fixed soon.

And speaking of fixes, regular visitors to the site will note that the roll-out of the website continues apace. More content is on the way.

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