I began writing reviews when I first became a journalist and wrote hundreds of book, film, music, concert and product reviews. This reviews section of the website contains a range of my recent reviews and critiques of film and television.

“Father and daughter live near the seaside on the outskirts of Tokyo in a traditional timber house. Every single shot in the film is wonderfully constructed to give the viewer a sense of their world. Noriko is recovering from a long-standing illness and there is much concern about her ‘missing out’ on marriage if she is not wed soon. Noriko’s aunt drives the discussion on arranged marriage. These scenes, filmed at home, are counterpointed masterfully by scenes shot in modern Tokyo where Noriko and her potential suitor visit galleries, take tea and flirt without a chaperone in sight. In my view, this juxtaposition between the new world and the old works brilliantly both thematically and visually.”

From > Late Spring (Banshun)

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