March for change

It’s my favourite time of the year: autumn.

Autumn in Melbourne means the leaves change and the air cools, a northerly breeze is less a test of willpower than it is an invitation to walk the dog. It’s also the best time of year in Launceston, my other ‘home’ town. The smoke from farm fires and the crisp mornings make for beautiful photography because those two factors combine to filter the light perfectly. There’s an almost permanent golden glow in the air down there at this time of year.

There’ll also be a permanent glow on the face of Lucy next month when she marries Nathan. It’s a wedding scheduled for Lucy’s grandparents’ garden. Then it’s a long drive down the wide, winding Tamar where we’ll stop at a jetty for photos before the reception at Velo vineyard, just outside Launceston’s city limits. I’m looking forward to that wedding for many reasons, not least because I’ve known Lucy for quite a few years through my affiliation with the Cavaliers Netball Club.

While many wedding photographers will be worried about the weather I’m not. I know it’ll be a bright, sunny day with the slightest breeze that is just enough to get the scent from the flowers into the air. The smiles will be radiant, the bride will be beautiful, the groom will be handsome, the wine will be wonderful, and the food will be fabulous. That’s a Tasmanian wedding in autumn. And that’s the benefit of our changing seasons.


And while I’m down in Tasmania I’ll be getting started on co-writing a history of the Cavaliers, which just happens to be the most successful State-league club competing in any sport in Australia. The Cavaliers was founded in 1996. It’ll be a great insight into the way that a community club was founded and what happens off court to lead to on-court success. It’ll be a fun project.

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