Jobs for Youth Campaign

The Jobs for Youth Campaign runs from July to October 2016. This is the second year of my involvement with the campaign. This year that included a rebrand, new logo, extended social media program, a series of online advertisements and the implementation of a trail run of a Virtual Media Room’.

The campaign’s website is a template, unfortunately allowing only minimal changes to its structure.

The social media campaign has been based around messaging volume and targeted platform-specific messaging that is suited to each platform and its audience.


The print collateral includes a full suite of publications distributed to around 8000 students in Melbourne’s Inner North, as well as publications for employers and prospective employers of young people.

jfy-sample-01 jfy-sample-02 jfy-sample-03jfy-sample-04

The campaign is managed by the Inner Northern Youth Employment Taskforce (INYET) and is run from the Inner Northern Local Learning & Employment Network (INLLEN). It has a range of partner organisations including local councils (Darebin, Moreland and Yarra) and a diverse range of not-for-profitsd as well as tertiary and vocational employment organisations and secondary schools.

The Virtual Media Room involves the delivery of student-produced material and gives young people exposure to the marketing and communications sector.


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