From foggy Launceston to beaut Bridport all in a day

Started out the morning standing in the cold talking photography with Bushby First National’s property management team. Anyone who knows me knows I love talking about the art and craft of image making, so showing the guys the importance of lighting and how to get nice straight shots with their point and shoot cameras was good fun. Cold, but fun.

Training day
Bushby First National's property management team goes through some photography on a chilly late autumn photography excursion

Then it was a quick side-trip to Bridport to photograph a property for a client whilst Rosie tackled a couple of properties closer to home and Anjie enjoyed the warmth of the office putting finishing touches on another client’s wedding book. The heavy fog got the better of Rosie’s Riverside listing, meaning a return trip later in the day to get the all important blue sky and valley view shots.

Out at Bridport, the little shack came up a treat as the vendors had clearly gone through the checklist of property preparation we supply our clients with; the lawns and gardens were neat as a pin, and the interior was perfectly staged. Throw in some blue sky and therefore blue ocean views and all-in-all it was a picture postcard property.

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