Scripting a new story

Had a great meeting at a CBD pub last week to discuss a new writing/TV project. Pubs are of course the traditional venue for writers to while away their time so plenty of great topics were raised and will come to fruition over the coming months. Suffice it to say that more will be announced as the project gains a life of its own.

And that’s what happens with many writing projects; they start off looking like one thing and evolve into something else. The best writing projects morph of their own accord, defying logic and rational thought to be the things they want to be, not the thing the author wants them to be. Clever authors push against this process. Cleverer authors go with the flow and let the words write their own stories.

This late afternoon meeting led me to dig up a couple of old scripts which I’ve posted here. I hope you enjoy meeting Frank, Margaret and even young Michael.

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