Oh my, a Monday post

Check it out. It’s Monday and I’ve got the time to do a post. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a first!

For those of you who don’t know, Tuesday is the deadline for The Examiner’s Domain publication to go to press, which invariably means we’re running around like headless chooks on a Monday hunting and gathering photos of houses, whilst simultaneously praying for fine weather. A couple of postponements and some luck with timing and all of a sudden I’ve had an awesome day of admin.

That’s right. I used the words awesome and admin in the same sentence. [Another first by the way]

In fact, if I wasn’t bouncing emails back and forth with my mate Belle from Belle Young Photography (formerly Spy Photography) in Devonport I’d probably be sitting back with a beer in my hand – and it’s only just gone 4pm as I write this.

What constitutes an awesome day of admin? Well, firstly, it’s making sure the accounts are up to date. Then we managed to have a quick meeting about our upcoming Bride Tasmania magazine ad – Anjie’s itching to try out some ideas that I’m really looking forward to seeing. We also mapped out some other wedding related marketing, and as more of our weddings are processed and shots are handed over to clients we’re growing our pool of ‘top shots’ from the season. Rose is working on some promotional DVDs and a new corporate video so the latest wedding shots will come in handy for that too.

We also finalised the sponsor and roster poster for the Country Club Tasmania Cavaliers, and Anjie has started work on the sponsor plaques, which will be a pretty spectacular addition to the reception areas of a lot of local businesses if I don’t say so myself.

Oh, and I also found the time to join the Australian Commercial + Media Photographers organisation. Established in 1991 ACMP is a united voice for Australia’s working photographers. I’d been meaning to apply to join for quite a while but it’s days like these that allow you to sign off on all those ‘must do’ things that usually never make it to the top of the ‘to do’ list.

Garfield mightn’t like Mondays, but this one hasn’t been too bad.

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