Hunting for words

It’s an interesting time when you’re trying to locate the work of the last nearly 20 years, reading through pages of handwritten stories and poems, sorting through hard drives and CDs for more contemporary work, all to find your favourite words to compile in a public place which is this website.

Words that you once hunted for in your mind, that you laid bare on the page then locked up and left – abandoned – or frequently returned to depending on the mood that struck you at the time. Words that were drafted and redrafted but without the signposts of which draft was preferred. The occasional diary entry too was glanced at, but mostly those words were too raw and unpolished to place in the cabinet of public consumption.

I’ve spent a couple of weeks looking for my favourite stories and poems to share. I’ll add more – especially more non-fiction work – once I locate it, but for now, enjoy this snapshot of the written word. My written word.

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