A long weekend means a long week

It’s been a long week.

We started out the week shooting Zoe and Aaron’s wedding at beautiful Villaret Gardens near Railton. Lovely people, a sloping site, green lawns and well-maintained gardens plus bright blue skies made for a great day.

Our sponsorship of the Country Club Tasmania Cavaliers continues to yield dividends and I enjoyed shooting the game at the Silverdome. The 19 and Unders had a huge win against Hobart-based Karana, while the Opens team came from behind after a slow start to overrun Karana’s seniors. It was great to see the girls in action and even more fun shooting sport, which I rarely get to do. Images from the game are on our Facebook page.

The short week – courtesy of the labour Day holiday – really just means shoe-horning six days’ work into four, so we also did the usual number of photos and floorplans for houses far and wide – including a wet day in Burnie. Thankfully I left Launceston early to go via Shearwater to photograph some properties and reached Shearwater with moments to spare before the last of the day’s sun was lost to the heavy cloud cover rolling in from the west. Rose and Anjie handled the shoots in Launceston while I was away, and Anjie has spent hours – and I mean hours – this week working on new techniques to polish up single beauty shots for clients. A beauty shoot I did on Tuesday, which generated one of the images Anjie worked up, was one of the highlights of the week.

Throw in final edits for Nat and Tim’s wedding of a couple of weeks ago, a quote for a tourism shoot and a little bit of accounts work (boo) and it was certainly a long week.

Mind you, next week will include two major fashion shoots in the studio, another Cavaliers game, the usual houses and the wedding of Zoe and Neil at Stillwater. Looks like another long week.

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