A long time between posts

It’s been an exceptionally busy start to the year. As proof-positive, it’s been more than a month since I last posted on the blog. Oops! What with stronger than expected house listings, weddings and some big commercial projects underway the poor old blog always seems to get put on the back-burner.

We’ve just completed the transition of our facebook page to Bret Salinger Photography. Rose and Anjie share responsibility for uploading content to the new page as we slowly redevelop our list of followers. For wedding clients, please note that we post our celebratory ‘Congrats’ images onto Facebook after you see your shots – not before. I disagree with the idea of posting photos to Facebook that you haven’t seen, let alone authorised, and I know I differ in that regard to many other photographers today but I figure that they’re your images, so you should be happy with them before we show to them the world. Call me old fashioned, but I think that it’s simply respect to do it our way.

Elsewhere, Bushby Property Group’s promotion of Claremont House kicked off today. Rose photographed the property a few weeks ago for Bushby, and I have decided to donate the money we were paid for the photos and floorplans to Encouragement House, a Timor Leste charity that supports students in the Maliana area of the fledgling nation. For those not in the know, Claremont House was bought by Scotch Oakburn College, which has sub-divided the property and is on-selling the house and a portion of the grounds.

Financially supporting the Timorese students, who come from all over the Maliana district, mostly travelling by foot for extended periods of time to reach their war-damaged schools, is the least I could do. It’s a long way from the ‘Toorak tractors’ of East Launceston to the well-worn dirt tracks of Timor but the money from the photoshoot might help bridge the educational gap. After all, privilege has responsibility and my team and I are privileged to work in the always changing, always dynamic photography industry – it sure beats working for a living (even if it means blog updates run late).

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