A confession, of sorts

Forgive me Internet gods, it has been a month since my last blog entry and in that time – and in my defence – we have photographed three weddings, completed two major commercial assignments (one on location, one in the studio), as well as photographed a lot of houses. A lot even by our standards.

Throw in Easter, a Cavaliers’ match and lots of work on our upcoming Bride Tasmania ad design and it’s no wonder that blogging takes a back seat. Plus, I figure if you have nothing to say then say nothing. Better that than filling the internet with incoherent, poorly-written drivel. If, on the other hand dear reader you’re after some of that I can recommend Twitter. Anyone’s Twitter feed. Hell, if I wanted to hear ill-conceived, inconsequential and ill-informed thought bubbles I’d listen to the voices in my head.

See, I’ve digressed already. Back to the point of this blog. This month’s three weddings were as different as could be, yet each of them were really lovely, impressive and engaging public affirmations of commitment, and that’s saying something as it takes a bit to impress this particularly hard-nosed observer.

First up, Zoe and Neil’s wedding by the banks of the (thankfully high tide) Tamar River was simply gorgeous. The sun set heroically behind Trevallyn as we set off to capture images of the bridal party before we returned to Stillwater for a cocktail party par excellence.

Sage and Jarrod’s Perth wedding was equally lovely, the setting being the steps of a deconsecrated church before we took the troupe to the banks of the South Esk for their post-ceremony shots. Then it was on to the Perth Community Centre for a fun-filled family celebration.

And finally, Melbournians Ruth and Thomas eloped to dear ol’ Lonnie, getting married in the picturesque gardens of Alice’s Cottages with the marvellous Barb Youd as celebrant. Lou from the cottages was one of the witnesses and yours truly even signed the registry as the other witness. Talk about breaking the fourth wall! Post ceremony I donned my driver cap and whisked the guys off to City Park and the Gorge in the back of the Polo for some shots. [Seriously, we offer nothing but a complete service 🙂 ] It’s not often wedding day photos include my signature on the wedding certificate, Japanese macaques and interior shots in a – miraculously still working – inclinator! Like I said, book us to photograph your wedding and I guarantee you will get plenty in the way of quality service.

To round out our wedding season Anjie and I are off to Scottsdale for Emily and Anthony’s ceremony on the 28th. Local lass, Emily, moved to the mainland a few years ago and she’s bringing her beau back to her home town to get married in front of family and friends in the church she went to Sunday school in. It couldn’t be a more fitting book-end to our wedding season seeing as we kicked it off with Caroline and Michael’s service in the backyard of Caroline’s parents’ Evandale home back in early October. Michael hails from South Australia and he and his family – like Anthony’s will – came down to Tasmania to witness the couple tie the knot.

Ah, symmetry. I like it in life, not such a big fan of it in a photo.

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