96 degrees but it sure feels cold outside

The Polo – bless it’s little Germanic heart – tells you the temperature when it drops below four degrees outside.

There you are, fanging down the road and you glance down at the electronic speedo only to discover you’re not being told the speed you’re travelling, but that it’s three degrees outside. One presumes it’s a handy little feature in the Black Forest mid-winter or a frozen Autobarn where the threat of black ice hangs in the air for four or five months of the year, but here in Tassie it’s just a reminder that the winter days are short and the mornings are cold. When you consider this time last week I was in Copenhagen – 55 degrees north – and now I’m back in Launceston – 41 degrees south – the Polo reminding me of the 96 degrees I’ve travelled this past week is seriously unwelcome.

Rose and Anjie did a great job holding fort while I was gone. House bookings have slowed as they do every winter but we’re working hard on picking up more of the commercial work we love to do and I’m also working on putting together a personal photography project for the winter months. Sometimes working on the business rather than in the business is the best way to run a company, other times – especially in what should be regarded as a creative pursuit such as professional photography – working outside the business on something that you enjoy is the best thing to do.

Congrats to the Cavaliers! The girls of the 19&U team remain undefeated and will play in the Aurora league final on June 30 in Hobart, while the Opens team plays off this Saturday night for the right to travel to Hobart to appear in the grand final. Awesome effort Cavs! And a big shout-out to Cavs playing coach Dannie Carstens who suffered a season-ending ankle injury last week. Hopefully Dannie – who’s been awesome to work with since we started sponsoring the club – can coach the girls this weekend, but the talismanic defender will certainly be there in spirit if she can’t make it court side.

To finish off, this is a pic of Pia and Azzo’s youngest bloke Kristian getting a dose of art at the ARoS art gallery in Aarhus a week or so ago. Kristian’s the little guy on the left. Just goes to show it’s a big world.

Boy and ‘Boy’ at Aarhus’s ARoS art gallery.



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